Friday, April 28, 2006

norm finger pointing is not as major as back in the straight edge nineties but seeing him at all is major, GO!!!

some photographers have to dj, some girls have weird blook coming down there faces

more eyes staring from everywhere in this picture

i like peoples eyes at night, the look alive, not so tired

i saw chris leos newish band it was at cake shop it was late

sometimes is nice to do business with your friends

Thursday, April 20, 2006

the girl in this picture thinks alex flippin birds is hilarious

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i like when dudes give the what up face when i take pictures

its weird when you take pictures and people look like they are thinking and the don't even see you taking their picture

Sunday, April 16, 2006

if you think devin the dude doesn't want to smoke the joint being handed to him your wrong

Thursday, April 13, 2006

on saturdat scott from wil be opening for clap your hands and say yeah if you are going you will feel good

wilder can get away with wearing the best clothes, i can not

its major that andre will talk to people about his paintings he doesn't really have to

people often act weird when they are on the phone out front of nightspots

pat seems to know that is boring waiting for a band to start

tinos ankle might be out of comish but i bet the rest of him is fine

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

just incase you were wondering how awesome bloodlines were, they were this awesome

sometimes signs look like tools for beheadings

some dudes really show up ready to party

if dan wasn't in england he could be picking up dan and throwing him through the ceiling

oh yeah baseball season started and I am still a yankee fan

blood on the wall is on tour with the yeah yeah yeahs no big deal

one of the reasons i don't go to church is that they look scary at night

i used to see kuo jamming in the air all the time, lately i just see him getting light with emo folk or something

sometimes i like to take pictures of crispin glover tieing his shoes

Monday, April 10, 2006

i have not seen milford graves jam in a while i wish i had a recording from that night

today at the darkroom a guy came up to me and asked me about ted leo i felt weird yet good that i looked like a fan of his, look at the dancers behind

i wish people would talk more about the canals of miami, they are pretty awesome

jason and leo often change looks and then somehow stay looking same

some times wind comes going through my mind

i have been jamming lil flip a lot lately he is a weirdo but i recommend jamming to him once again

its weird that kids wear vintage shirts so much, this shirt would be cooler if he was destroyer or bobby burg

sometimes husbands and wive play different leading roles

it looks like this might be a photo of a band called MAHRGARITA SOUR TASTE FACE i have know idea what they would sound like

dash and i share some intrests and some we don't being shirtless is one of those that we don't

at the mighty flashlight show photographers stood far and near from the stage

my rolls of the dice have not been that strong lately but you gotta keep playing to win, right?

sometimes peoples faces can say not interested and it always cracks me up

its weird how new york can make you want to wear sunglasses eben though its not all bright and weird like the left coast

Friday, April 07, 2006

if i named art pieces this would be called walk the plank or new york summer dive

i have been looking at my pictures and wondering what else they can do this one made a hot and sour storm

heads hold minds and hearts hold smiles

if you like guitars, or late night goodtimes, or the lower east side than odds are you like matt and joe

the first time i met jagger it wass in france and we were skinny and the ocean was blue and i was straight edge and he was smoking something

sommetimes you come around a corner and you find kids you grew up with getting real weird

i love it when you got to your friends parents house to record some jams and the parents lay out sweet food spreads

Thursday, April 06, 2006

i saw the bronx and they put on a good show

in texas teachers get good buildings

photographers like shapes alot, i don't know why

dr. dog will open for the strokes in detroit and one other city, what the hell