Friday, May 19, 2006

are people being blessed or pushed down down i guess its just persoective

its nice to remember lots of weird harold times inside of the fish

this is one of my longest friends, shes an aunt now, that is sweet

its kind of heavy here when you see people in new york not moving, its nice to see them stopped and slowed down

Thursday, May 18, 2006

a lot of dudes got cameras this dude has a camera tatoo, that is pretty boss

most people i know work for dollar to dollar, there is no security like a handfull of cash

as you can tell by this photo earlymans live show is past extreme

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

rally caps really work, so does standing close to the camera

i want to go dancing! i have not done it in a while, i remember it to be fun

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

in photos people look like movie stills, these two don't really look this hard

i know the girl in this picture from chicago and the dude from new york independent of each other, are we all supposed to meet? i hope so

when i look at pictures out often it seems i can feel waves from their minds saying why am i out again

its fun when friends walk by and they make funny faces

at the time the hole didn't seem so epic but now there is no real place for beers photos and tweakers

sometimes a band can be so heavy but the crowd looks so bored this was one of those times

if you want to look into the insights of this guys mind go to its my favorite new site

sometimes you rock out so hard your headbands get slippery

it can be really nice just to hang out on a corner with your arm around your girl

when your young in new york its easy to feel like your really important

sometimes music can be lonely but sometimes i like it that way

Saturday, May 06, 2006

late night sessions with shannon and jasmal are few these day but i bet they would still be awesome

its good how even when out at night you can totally zone to somewhere else

you got to go out a lot because one night can be very different from the next night

some peoples domes should be national treasures

i can't wait til it gets hot enought that kuo starts poppin' his sleeves again

Thursday, May 04, 2006

sometimes when things end they become knew things it just takes time to redevelop

i can't wait til tino heals and lurks around nyc shirtless

tim and i were both barely standing when i took this, but once again look how cool smoking looks

smiling with teeth and staring seious both have their charms

i want to be comforatable to stare so easily into the front of cameras

some friends live far away but that doesn't mean they are erased from our minds

a lot of people are looking for very different things when they go out

leigh looks a little different now, i am glad i met him this day

i hope to get this many lines on my head, this guy might live forever

its fun how we can make our bodies look real weird

goats and men both look nice in black and white

it freaks me out when you take pictures of your friends and they turn out semi jacobs ladder

i like nighttime bro hugs

i am glad winter has been put to rest and we can take off our coats

these two bros have played in more bands than some people have heard, they inspire me by still living there dreams

i saw afrirampo at pianos once, the weren't nude but they were loud

spencer made so much weird food an angelikas kitchen, i am glad he has moved on but i miss the mashed potatoes

see even ako looks cool smoking

i am so glad people will be hanging out in the streets at night again and not just weird bars

kids can have fun in an alley while grown ups can have fun with road rage

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

i like when is after 7 a.m. and you have been up all night and you eat at 7 a and then hang out talking with old friends

sometimes you will find tweaked out miro posters on strange walls outside, he might have liked that

sorry, my photo photo fire had died down but then i remembere i like pictures of people smoking and laughing so things should be strong again, thanks