Monday, July 31, 2006

when your little and in coney island it hard to be excited when yor mom stays on the phone for a long time

i used to see tortoise a lot this was at tramps they were like a gateway drug for me to like jazz

i hope that dave and chris are reading a major zine

thinking about where our lives we go is definitley worth a head scratch

lila used to fall asleep on 10th street sometimes

i don't know if it get more awesome than guy reaching for the sky

if you lived in colorado and saw savalas you would know that was rad

heros used to shred washington square

Friday, July 28, 2006

sometimes those latenight whispers are sincere

sean is calling in some sweet shaka inforcements i hope

its important to remember to keep looking up cause not everything is infront of us

when your out you have to tole your eyes back and dance and lean back and feel good

hugging bros make for picture perfect pounds

we get to laughing sometimes so much we get wrinkles, i like it

Thursday, July 27, 2006

l like how band dudes really look like band dudes

if you have an extra camera give it to someone who doesn't have one so they can have fun too

i like when friends talk so lound you can see their teeth

if you saw the make up in its early stages the you know they were really really good

i used to go up to columbia and see quicksand play and have an awesome time

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

i have been swimming a lot lately, these pictures are old and from chicago, i recommend swimming

i wish that i had enough lungfish pictures to put a different one up here everyday

sometimes in life we want to put on a helmet and just roll backwards

its nice when friends have jokes between friends

i wonder if matt is going to go see joe and the elctro putas at cake shop tonight

i like that so many people have taken pictures of dave, its aways good to see him

things from japan seem to be pretty cool, i think the blood thirst butchers were cool

Sunday, July 23, 2006

its nice to go to weddings an see everybody is looking for something

it a shame that its not an era where people dress nice to go out, people can look really proud

if you have a chance to go to safeco park in seattle go it is one of the friendliest parks i have ever seen

why don't people paint on jean jackets that much anymore, this is pretty rad

this is 3/4ths of the original van pelt, it was a weird time, we were trying to figure ouselves out, 2/3rds of us are still the same

i might have been 22 when i took this picture on 2nd ave, it was a good time a long time ago

Saturday, July 22, 2006

a lot of the time there is not a better feeling than the late night walk away from ludlow

sometimes we all need a little help when walking

i know kuo is fired up for mono at bowery in sept. hopefully they will still be into pulling down there amps

Friday, July 21, 2006

i don't know if i posted this one before but joe preston smiling and chilling out is always a good sight

i like pictures of brothers, i think they are really important, family photos are great i have just started to be able to make my own

if i need to buy weird sized tv's that run on alot of batteries its pretty cool i can get them in the same place can get a stomach ache from t-bell

i can't wait for gantg gang dance to put out a new record so i can be the one carrying it around and telling people gow awesome it is

i guess jay is proving the sign right, that 21 is the minimum age for ted

this guy should really notice the lurker behind him hidden in the trees, this could turn out weird

this is Nocitos old room see punk lp's not metal punk! listen to punk

who knows what these guys were talking about, they might not have even known

onetime i went out with pepole from england and new york and there was a lot of laughing into the early morning

i got kinda bummed when i saw against me rides around in one of those super tour buses but the rice song is pretty good