Friday, September 15, 2006

i have spent a lot of long nights with the people in this pictre i can say i was glad i did

3 of the raddest things about tim are; he listens to you when you talk even if your not pascal, loves the yanks, makes rad pictures

k will talk to you about most things but don't say public enemy is the best rap group ever or poisen idea sucks, cause you will get the gas face

JOAN OF ARC came to town and kuo and i clapped right along with them

if you see jesse or mark on the road or in new yourk i would highly recommend hanging out with them

if i thought too hardd about how many beers i have seen drunk in my life it would get a little weird

what about KUO, Carol, Ben, et all OPENING CEREMONY in the times magazine, i didn't take this picture someone named barbel schmidt did

i saw cat power and it was pretty great to see such a happy boogie show, light sounds can be really nice

i don't go to shows with this many people, its kind of awesome in an over crowded way

meg and dia don't sound like anotherwall or fountainhead but they are on doghouse and that blew my mind

some bands are so emo they bleed the scene, maybe thursday is one of those bands with their old songs

when i saw this band the singer came out and said "were the BLACKHEARTS andwere from around here" and proceeded to jam it out

if more islander fans were like this kid i would go to games, check the lost tatoo, awesome!

as photographers we allways take pictures of the front row, i guess we like seeing the kids who still care

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

go to lit and see these drawings, should be major

just in case you didn't know i saw my chemical romance at the knit here are some more, my man earl boykins sweats them too

i love a late night hair braiding sesh on ludlow

they shoot horses don't they were so good at cake shop i went in wearing socks and left without them

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

what about k taking me to my chem and them pretty much ruling it, good times