Sunday, December 31, 2006

i listened to a the last barr record in a car in ohio this week it is great it is catharsis

doug and miras holiday set was pretty dark and pretty other level

i love that aron hasn't stopped keeping harolds memory alive

tk's new songs made the elastic in my socks pop

when will steps in the room you know the party will be on on the film will fall apart

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

earlier this summer andrew dosunmu and knox had a release for their book "THE AFRICA GAME "knox and lee put the part together it was a blast

this picture is of andrew an actor and knox

Friday, December 15, 2006

if you go to the social registry christmas party most of these people will be in attendance,although playing in different forms, it should be a blast

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

no big deal weegee, terry, ray, yo soy

Monday, December 11, 2006

i don't know whats going on here but sometimes a foul taste is everywhere

if you thought you weren't gonna get a make believe live photo you were wrong, i wish i stood like this more often

george and i have been rocking out together for years luckily for everyone i gave up guitar and he kept playing

i like when people use digital cameras with there friends because everyone gets to have fun right away

i am glad alain is back and i hope to soon be resting in the fish with him

beware if you jam it to hard tour body will fall apart skin peeling is enevitable

this guys the glue in between the two on the rolls i developed today

its good seeing pokka dots walking away

its hard for even bruno to come to the forefront when jon voight is involved

people seem to have a lot of fun with there hair, i don't really do much with what i have

i am glad fences don't really seperate worlds

i have dj'd and you get blasted by light requests and sometimes if lucky, fun

its good to feel so good about yourself that you feel like your number one when your out

i am hopeful that we always will keep looking for some type of joy no matter what kind

i wonder if this guy is thinking about a heist or just wanting to put some more green in that building

girls are lucky cause they can look good in weird clothes and big glasses us dudes usually cannot

i like looking at peoples eye strength as the nights get longer in a bar

i think when i took this picture i was in chicago and dreaming of coming back to new york its weird to bring those emotions back

if i were better at photoshop i would tell you i photoshoped these to parties together (i didn't)and whats up with the cigarette dude

i know i said i am not a car nut but apperently i am because i keep finding photos of them

i don't know if burnett promised to keep buildings abandoned or tear them down but i hope things got better

its weird how you have to push your way through people to see your friends play a jam session

sometimes when walking around at night its nice to take a break and sit down

i am always amzed at howmany people are almost hiding from being photographed

i don't know what goes on at the old 502 but it looks like it has some reflector guards to alert/deter you from going

Thursday, December 07, 2006

i like hanging out with dudes like will because he can have fun while everyone else seems to be feeling the downer blues

some singers have enough to stay alone

it would be fun if we all had stylists to get us ready everyday

i like having fun while wearing nice shirts

i like when people get lost in thought while avant tweakers are no where to be seen

it appears jason enjoys the night air as do i

this site might as well be a make believ fan club home, i am bummed i missed them last time

if i made a band and it had brad and jim white the music would be so mind blowing everyone would have to move out of america lucky for us i don't play

if you are a mild manner bass player from chicago you wqill get cameras in your face because you are so major

sometimes sitting and waiting for a band to go on can make you wonder why you left you comfortable apartment

it seems that often crowds i am involved in have bearded lurckers in them

white magic is always a band that has a suprise for me

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

dancing is almost always fun even when its the late night zombie dance