Friday, January 26, 2007

this guy is the second fastest skateboarder i have seen and thats pretty fast

i love my dog poppy she always looks back to make sure i am o.k.

i like people who try to have fun no matter what they are doing

don't forget sunday is the harold hunter basketball tournament

its amazing how many different people we see just on corners in a day

Monday, January 22, 2007

tonight at lit downstairs dj earl boykins and me will try to make you climb on shoulders to dance, weird drink specials and jams after 11 o clock, jam

thursdaynight j penry book release with cheeseburger and weirdo dj's at i heart shoud warm us up

after playing a concert to the max a cig looks like a good move

vietnam record release session tommorow at mercury, bet it will be loud

i like pascal in white tee shirts and a beer in hand

its nice to see your friends still caring about each other

its super rad when you let go and really let dancing happen

when were out its good too look up and think about it all

winks can be weird because a lot or nothing can be in them

often alain and kama look like moviestars to me

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

it looks like spencer and catfish are the giants of bob dylan fans in this photo

i like how poles can point out different discussions

i haven't seen muzzy in a while but he is under the umbrella of good times somewhere

if you spend over three hours in a bar with one shot hanna you will most likely see him sleep

alain has been having many positive times and thats major

i am glad there are towels for late night jammer set drummers it is tough

i don't know about new friends or old friends but i love late night stumbler steps

i still like smokers skin more than others

i couldn't handle being named joshua major but paul has done a great job of it go see endless boogie this week

if your out everynight you have to look away from the lurkers

much like judy and jackson browne i tell people to stay just a little bit longer

the guy in the moustace is one of the first people i met in new york i am glad he is still here and excited

if everyones hands could touch things would be much better

jewish americans love clapping, modern music wouldn't exist without them

i like to dnace but i can never be as loud as i want

2 of my favorite people are in this picture for very different reasons its major they are edge

Monday, January 15, 2007

its good to refriend with old friends

i like the new winter as you can tell hoods are a good look

sometimes no matter how big a hat is people feel weird about it

Sunday, January 14, 2007

see, its never too late to undue your tie and bring someone flowers

sometimes we have to look past our friends to see the light

jay knows winter is here thats why he is mr. massive hood

in the city guard dogs don't mind chilling in windows

obviously this person is awesome because there still playing cane games

Thursday, January 11, 2007

if top model makes a male version sign sam up i mean come on a bottle on the head

its a good thing that a pole can't really ruin friendships or most people would be in trouble

i don't know if its mystery or boredom or dreams that i take pictures of houses where i don't know whats going on

sunday night fish sesh with wilder was suprisingly one of the most pleasant times ever

when its after four even the dogs run aweay from there drinks

i heard the plastic rings from beer cans drown birds or seals or something but cats have the best time ever with them, yeah plastic rings

when harlem chinatown all-stars celebrate birthtimes good times are bound to insue

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i find myself needing to look to other rooms to find whats going on as well

even a lot of hands can't always save the falling table

sometimes my pictures are somewhere in between a journal and a dewars add i don't know if thats good or bad or what

i like millers enjoyment of all things euro he even rides his bike in such a cool casual way