Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the weather being so nice and all i thought i would show some emo snowtimes

i only saw the kills once but they look pretty rad in photos to me

i wish this was an early nineties rock band called packerbite

its weird when friends win dolls from "The Shield" but new friends stay tender, shred it

Saturday, February 17, 2007

i feel really lucky to have people around to hold us up no matter what

its really nice when west coast families come together with our east coast families

i like it that even though tino an su have logged many fish hours they can always keep looking for more

sometimes at night the focus can be off but thats not always a bad thing

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

a weird running wink can make you stay out an extra hour

some of my friends make really good pictures, i am lucky to know said dudes

its hard to go to every show but i really blew it not going to i.u.d. growing

no matter howmuch dust is around it is good to hold your friends faces with your eyes closed

what if you were from sweden but you love austin, the knicks and the clippers, then you might be a dude hanging out with nicely dressed ladies

Sunday, February 04, 2007

i grew up in colorado its kinda like a time machine when i go back there

recently i saw texas is the reason it was awesome this photo is in chicago its not reason it was awesome

one time i went to colorado and ran into all of these maniacs

i bought this guys records they are the best, its sometimes good to keep your memories differnce

two of my best friends love eachother still even though the think so different i wish the had tofu age here

my friend freds son learned the value of a dollar early on it cant replace love but it can help later on

jad fair is major, no big deal this is Mosqioto at maxwells it was awesome

if the fall played tonight i would go, see the mark e smith whenever you can he won't dissapoint

one of the most inspiring dudes to me ever was derek bailey i found this photo of him that i took tonight, i wouldn't have avant faith without him

if you grew up in colorado you don't need down but if you are weird and moved to l.a. i guess you do