Thursday, March 08, 2007

new york is less jamming now that shanks moved to kansas city but i bet kansas city needs some jamming so its o.k.

a lot of people move to new york, its rad when they actually stay

its nice to explain family momentos to people who care

this dude healed and went back to the left coast, but if you down enough you can picture him in the corner

i like taking pictures of people getting their picture taken, disgarded attention

most red sox fans want to fight me cause i love the YANKEES this one doesn't though he just likes bro times

if this was band from sweden and this was their e.p. cover it would sell 300,00 easy

besides having major popcorn grassroots has darts and its fun to see friends compete

brian is the only other dude i know with this jacket. i have one. irene got it for me its one of the only pieces of clothes i like

its nice to know dudes from england can appreciate the king of beers

sometimes the life in new york can really be a lot to keep awake in


sorry for not updating more, in the words of the great bearman my mind my mind, mostly just been seeing music watching the shield and feeling the cold, more updates to come, i hope they will be strong, i am still listening to love of everything pretty all the time, by the new barr its next level