Monday, February 25, 2008

its nice when the right person is in focus

it looks like helmets have ruined the training wheel parade again

a crystal ball holds the future, i hope it has worked out the best for these people

i think this might be lee ralph. its in france along time ago. travel alone it can be amazing

i always have wanted to wear glasses but my eyes don't need them yet. its a bummer because i will never look as major as jesse

if you have been lucky enough togo insane or jam out with either or both of these dudes than you know its awesome

Thursday, February 21, 2008

man those old karen black shows would get weird for sure

my friend ryner took this picture of me shredding a long time ago. sweet knee on style at coping right?

if you know these people you will know this photo is not new, if you don't this picture was taken ay an epic boredoms show along time ago

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

i don't remember what me and these dudes were doing but they look pretty bro so i bet comedy was involved

when you take pictures you learn to live outside the conversation, lately i have been living to much inside of them

i envy what it must be like to be a lone smoker but alas i hate coughing so i guess i will never know

i like when people get so stoked on bob seeger the write on their trucks about it

i think there is a percentage of outerspace beings posing as kids. this kid very well could be one

i see a lot of people trying to look awesome in hats these days, i think these two are trying, thet just look awesome

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

theres just so many bricks! i wonder if theres one in the bag

the price for life is more than a quarter, its good to walk past restrictions

its good that no matter how many times things get dark you can keep walking out of it and into the light

no matter how old or relaxed you get there will always be an up and comer screaming next to you

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i have never been inside here but i like disco and drinking so maybe someday i will go

this store might offer last level sculpture

sometimes i don't get home in time to walk my dog she gets weird and in the trash. she still makes me smile

i don't know who made this poster, but i look at it everyday in my living room and it makes me feel good

people leave pieces of themselves behind often, i guess thats why iy fun to be an archeologist

empty vans on empty mornings make me nervous

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ted is one of the few dudes i know with a car. its nice to see him driven around now and again

if you went here and you came out looking as good as the sign you would be stoked

i wnet to steele school it definately wasn't as cool looking as p.s. 54

my two favorite things are most surely pizza and soda

the sound of a million clarinets cant hold back a good smile

i wish phone numbers still used letters. this one does its awesome

if i had a child i would send them to this school. i bet it has heavy classes

i think miguel needs to open his arms more because i know he holds even more dreams

dans bent for so many drinks, and he has delivered each with a smile